Why developmental role for a central bank?    Rounds of post GFC large scale QEs in advanced economies have achieved little in shoring up flagging global growth, instead debilitating monetary policy and creating deflation risks by driving down interest rates in major currencies to near zero levels. The hope that fasterRead More →

The idea of socially-oriented business is not new, although Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus has certainly given an enormous impetus to it by his articulate branding of it as “social business”. The reason his campaign has caught so much public attention is perhaps its timing. Global capitalism, driven by the singularRead More →

I can’t remember the period, exactly. Possibly, it was in the early part of 1994. Mr. Shahiduzzaman, then a senior reporter of the Dainik Janata and now editor of the News Network, one afternoon came to the office of the now defunct Bangladesh Times where I was then heading theRead More →

ERF best economic reporting 2015 and award night held on 19th February 2016. Honorable finance minister M A Muhith was present as the chief guests along with Prof. Rehman Sobhan , Dr. Wahiduddin Mahmud and other business intellectuals of Bangladesh.Read More →

The birth of Economic Reports’ Forum (ERF) in 1993 was a milestone for Bangladesh field of journalism as well as one step forward to  promote country’s socio-economic development, when most reporting issues were related to politics and violence. ERF members have changed the pattern of news coverage and simultaneously keepRead More →